Editorial Note

Simplified decision-making and faster feedback with an easy approval management


Almost every publishing project includes a part that requires a review and approval process. This is an often overlooked aspect when estimating the length of time it takes to complete a project. vjoon K4 has a feature that is aimed at the agony of review and approval process — its called “Approval Manager”. Executives, marketing directors, purchasers and the like can communicate a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” with a simple click. So the creative team can quickly focus on the areas that need attention and push through to publish.

vjoonees at full steam: Team cooking


Trust, communication and motivation are basic requirements for successful cooperation. Aside from the daily business, karting, ziplining, bowling, curling and archery provide the opportunity to get to know each other better, to start conversations and to simply broaden one’s own horizons. We decided to try something new, this time we attended a modern Kitchen Stadium in the St. Pauli quarter in Hamburg.

Optimized UX: K4 KickOff


With its modern user interface, K4 KickOff is the new starting point for editors, content writers, project managers or the head of production and enables a completely new user experience. K4 KickOff offers the possibility to manage all K4 clients and third-party solutions in a central hub. K4 KickOff is easy to use and reduces the dependence on technologies at user level to a minimum.

What matters most: Content First


There is a broad range of (digital) output channels and it is still growing, no matter if desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The variety of devices and lack of standard measures mean that editors and content marketers face challenges. Discussions on content distribution prevail. Focus of attention shifts to channels, but ideally the focus should be on content creation itself. It makes little sense to display certain contents just because it is required by the display mode, or rather hide contents as the layout does not allow them.

Interview mit David Rheault


David Rheault is vjoon’s new Business Development Manager responsible for the Americas and based in the United States. David has twenty years of experience in the publishing industry and he is motivated to use his skills to further market penetration in the Americas. His business operations are characterized by a strong focus on customers’ needs. During the interview with Laura, David talks about changing media fields as well as challenges and opportunities of the American market.

vjoonity Editorial


Amongst marketeers, there is currently no other topic that is more discussed than content marketing. This blog will also take a closer look at this topic, and with this article, we are already in it. But this time, it’s not about a survey with figures or statements – it’s about what you, as our customers or prospects, expect from us, what we can offer, and how we communicate or get in touch with each other.