Digital voice assistants: a long-term force in the marketing mix?


Nowadays, there exists a broad range of consumed content on various channels which is constantly growing. The spectrum ranges from classic website content, newsletters, social media, blogs up to (live-)videos. Thus, in the age of digitalization the consumption of content using different channels is frequently changing. The search for content itself, has remained more or less constant for a while.

Review of the 5th VDZ Tech Summit


With approx. 170 visitors, experts and listeners, the 5th VDZ Tech Summit in Hamburg in November was very well attended and offered interesting workshops and a wide range of topics. The main topics were digitalization and new technological solutions for digital distribution, but as well as the application of artificial intelligence in business processes. Editors and publishers will find it easier to work with new or improved tools. Companies need to be supported in developing new business models by using new methods and teams.

dmexco – Pure Marketing


Europe’s premier digital marketing conference and trade fair, dmexco, took place in Cologne on September 13 and 14. It’s a microcosm of the digital transformation—the digital economy’s entire value chain squeezed into one space for all to see. The mind boggles at the sheer volume of information presented in dmexco’s many workshops, discussions and lectures. Some 1,100 exhibitors from 39 countries certainly had a lot to share.

Keep always up-to-date about the latest trends – AM&P 2017


Together with our partners DPCI and Flux Consulting we met a lot of interesting people in Washington at AM&P 2017, the annual meeting of the Association of Media & Publishing. Around 200 leaders from premiere associations across the country joined the AMP17 event and listened to speakers about new communication trends and marketing techniques of today and tomorrow.

Content Marketing: „It’s the Relationship That Matters“ – A Look Back at the 2017 BCM Congress


When the content marketing community met at the international Best of Content Marketing Congress (BCM) in Berlin on June 29, its fifteenth edition proved to be yet another banner event. We have long been a sponsor, and our partner SNAP Innovation was on hand to represent us at Europe‘s leading content marketing congress and awards ceremony.

New Approval Management


Almost every project in publishing has a part that includes a review and approval process. This is an often overlooked aspect when estimating the length of time it takes to complete a project. The new version of vjoon K4 has a new feature that’s aimed at the agony of review and approval process — its called “Approval Management”.

Digital Transformation in Corporate Communication


According to Gartner, in 2020 over 21 billion devices will be connected and communicate with each other. Another Research Institute, the International Data Corporation (IDC), estimates with 28 billion devices in 2020 even higher values. Both institutes see those devices to be responsible for ten percent of the worldwide data traffic at that time.

Mobile first? Audience first? – Ohne guten Content ist alles nichts.


To successfully place their messages becomes increasingly difficult for enterprises because of growing overstimulation by “anywhere content” and the associated content shock. User are more and more searching for content, which is involving and relates to them personally. But the resulting quality pressure is not the only challenge companies have to face.

Drei Erfolgreiche Content Marketing Beispiele


Today more and more brands leave the trails of traditional advertising and start to work in the areas of traditional publishing. They establish and maintain their own content channels, such as websites, apps or magazines, filled with journalistically-driven stories, mostly produced inhouse. Managed by marketing departments, these editorial organizations achieve a quality, which more and more cuts the ground from under the feet of the publishers.

Content Marketing: Relevanz ist nicht alles.


In Germany, many companies and people are still struggling with the idea of Content Marketing. There is one example which is especially characteristic for this fact. As, in the US, Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing Institute now exists for almost five years and has become THE institution and knowledge base for content marketing, the German “Forum Corporate Publishing” announced Content Marketing to be „the discipline for promoting strategic business goals with editorial content” first in the autumn of last year.