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What matters most: Content First


There is a broad range of (digital) output channels and it is still growing, no matter if desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The variety of devices and lack of standard measures mean that editors and content marketers face challenges. Discussions on content distribution prevail. Focus of attention shifts to channels, but ideally the focus should be on content creation itself. It makes little sense to display certain contents just because it is required by the display mode, or rather hide contents as the layout does not allow them.

Top 5 Vorteile Cloud und On-Premises


Consider any DAM or publishing system today and you’ll probably find a “cloud version” that is perfect for your needs. Cloud solutions seem to be what everyone desires, because, if it’s in the cloud, it must be better – isn’t it? Well, maybe, and maybe not. To know what solution really fits to your needs is critical for your company. So here’s what we hope is some unbiased advice to help you choose: