Digital Transformation in Corporate Communication


According to Gartner, in 2020 over 21 billion devices will be connected and communicate with each other. Another Research Institute, the International Data Corporation (IDC), estimates with 28 billion devices in 2020 even higher values. Both institutes see those devices to be responsible for ten percent of the worldwide data traffic at that time.

SIEMENS Geschäftsbericht


Each annual report is always a chapter of a company’s history. CCS.Tirol had now produced a fully comprehensive report for the SIEMENS AG in only ten days. How they have accomplished this with vjoon K4, achieving 30% savings, explains Claus Heinrich, CEO of CCS.Tirol.

Mobile first? Audience first? – Ohne guten Content ist alles nichts.


To successfully place their messages becomes increasingly difficult for enterprises because of growing overstimulation by “anywhere content” and the associated content shock. User are more and more searching for content, which is involving and relates to them personally. But the resulting quality pressure is not the only challenge companies have to face.

Drei Erfolgreiche Content Marketing Beispiele


Today more and more brands leave the trails of traditional advertising and start to work in the areas of traditional publishing. They establish and maintain their own content channels, such as websites, apps or magazines, filled with journalistically-driven stories, mostly produced inhouse. Managed by marketing departments, these editorial organizations achieve a quality, which more and more cuts the ground from under the feet of the publishers.